Master Lash Artist

Our most experienced, most requested and most advanced artists.

Lash Artist

After perfecting their skills in our lash labs, our lash artists offer full sets and fills at a reduced price to continue to increase their speed

Classic Lash Extensions

One lash extension to one isolated natural lash creating a beautiful natural to dramatic look.

Volume Lash Extensions

Turn up the volume! Our Volume Set utilizes ultra-fine individual lashes which allows multiple eyelash extensions to be applied to each natural eyelash to create depth, volume and texture. The lashes are super light individual lashes, not flares, tabs or clusters which can damage the natural lash. Our individual volume lashes allow for more customization in the look and maintain the integrity of your natural lashes.


Q: What are eyelash extensions?

A: Semi-permanent high fashion synthetic fiber or all natural 100% mink lashes are meticulously applied to each individual natural lash creating volume and length.

Q: How long will eyelash extensions last?

A: Fills are recommended every two to three weeks. We naturally shed 2-5 lashes per day. There are many factors that affect the growth and strength of all hair including but not limited to genetics, cleansing products, seasonal changes, athletic activities, and cosmetics. With proper application, lash forecasting, home care, products, and regular lash fill appointments you will prolong the life of your extensions.

Q: What type of lashes do you use?

A: A variety of faux mink eyelashes. Our lashes are the softest and lightweight lashes on the market. They do not loose their curl or color. Each eyelash extensions comes in various curls, lengths, thickness, and colors to give our clients a unique set to compliment their eye shape.

Q: What is the different between Classic and Volume lashes?

A: There are two different techniques in lashing; Volume and Classic. Volume is a technique in which you are safely applying customized fans of lashes using 2-6 super fine, lightweight extensions per natural lash. Because Volume lashes are lightweight they can weigh less or equivalent to one Classic eyelash extension. Classic lashes is applying one extension to one natural lash. Both Techniques enhance the natural lashes by thickness and length.

Q: How should I prepare for my Pink’s lash extensions?

A: Clients should arrive with a fresh face free of makeup and moisture. New clients should arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled appointment to fill out forms and review all terms and conditions before the lash application.

Q: How do I care for my lash extensions?

A: Allow 24 hours for adhesive to fully cure keeping lashes free from water, oils, moisture, and steam. Always use oil free facial cleansers and products around the eye. Do not use manual lash curlers, lash perms, or waterproof mascara on lashes. The use of Q-tips or cotton balls are not recommended near the lash line. Natural skin oils, rubbing, scratching, picking, and pulling will shorten the life of your extensions. The use of suggested lash products may extend the frequency between lash fills.

Q: Will eyelash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

A: No, this is a common myth. Eyelash shedding is part of the natural eyelash life-cycle. That is why it is necessary to come back for fills every 2-3 weeks. If applied correctly eyelash extensions will not hurt your natural lashes or cause premature shedding. The Lash and Sugar Co. will keep the integrity of your natural lashes by not applying lashes that are too heavy or too long for your natural lashes to hold.

Q: Can I use mascara over my lash extensions?

A: Yes! But you have to use special mascara that is formulated just for lash extensions. Apply Nior Lash Extension Mascara to the tips for an additional glossy, lengthened, and volumized appearance.