Becoming a KICK ASS lash artist


If you can remember anything from this piece


“Always be yourself your true authentic self – the clients who are meant to be in your career will stay because of who you are and the bomb ass lashes you do.”

PRACTCE: I REPEAT PRACTICE!! I’ve been doing lashes since 2011 and let me tell you when I say sucks that’s being nice to myself. But what I didn’t do was give up! I literally practice every chance I could And truth be told LASHES ARE THE HARDEST THING IVE EVER LEAREND!!

SPECIALS: OFFERING SPECIALS IS KEY.. New client specials, YELP deals and check ins and good referral program is key!! Leave your ego at the door and offer SPECIALS!

RELATABILITY :Being somebody is easy to understand and feel connected to. As humans we love human connections. I’m HUGE TALKER  (yes many will say that’s a bad lash technique, appointments are suppose to be quite) Well for 95% of my appointments the client and I are bonding and building a relationship. I would say being relatable and building genuine connections with my clients has honestly made me successful.

SOCIAL MEDIA: POST POST POST !! I cant stress this enough respond to your ALL comments and messages, this shows clients and future clients you care about them

DEDICATION: Working in the beauty industry HARD WORK pays offs. I deducted myself and my time to this industry since 2011, starting off I would work extra shifts and longer days.  Deduction is key on being successful

SCHEDULE: ALWAYS offer or schedule the next appointment!! When I was working in Arizona @Lashandsugarco I would have my clients try and book at least 4-6 months. I remember one year I was looking at my schedule in August and my December was almost fully booked!!


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