Newbie to eyelash extensions?? Tips from an expert


Researching is key, I know it may sound funny “researching.” But this will save you MONEY/TIME in the long run!

YELP is my personal favorite, specifically because it’s a great tool for searching for any type of business in your area. It gives you a good understanding of what the community thinks of any given business. When I’m researching I’ll even dig deeper to look at the Yelp users account who left bad comments, I do this to see what kind of reviews this user leaves. Are they someone who only leaves negative reviews, do they frequently leave positive reviews? By researching individuals profiles on Yelp you can gain a better understanding of how accurate this persons reviews are.

For example, if they are the type of person that only leaves negative reviews for businesses, they may just fall into the “unpleasable” category where no matter what, nothing is good enough, we all have run into this type of person and its best to take what they say with a grain of salt because they may always find fault and no matter how hard we try we are never going to make them happy. On the other hand, if they are a person that has a good amount of honest and positive, as well as, negative reviews, than that is an individual whose reviews I will take more to heart.

INSTAGRAM I honestly have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. The part I HATEEEEEE is this generation is full of clout chasers, and essentially this means some companies or individuals, will buy their followers and likes to “look popular.” As a result, you aren’t getting an actual read on their popularity or following because a lot of their followers are “ghost accounts” or fake accounts made solely for the purpose of increasing an individuals or businesses number of followers.  The part I LOVE is being able to view photos/videos for inspiration, tips and tricks…I really love feeling connected with people all over the world.

First and foremost, you are beautiful!! BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR OWN SKIN!

Because clean lashes are happy lashes, ARRIVE BARE FACE AND ALL!!

The adhesive sticks to clean lashes…I SWEAR ON MY LIFE!!


This is the major part of your appointment!  Getting to know and communicating with each other will make for a enjoyable experience!! (this is my favorite part and this where I lighten the mood with my humor) I love making new clients laugh and smile!

HELPFUL TIP: Bring in photos – so the Lash Artist has a point of reference

Also, a FRIENDLY REMINDER: What you consider natural may not be natural to the lash artist or what you consider dramatic may not be dramatic to the lash artist!!


SENSITIVITY: Because being sensitive is the worst!! I know first hand I CAN ONLY USE SENSITIVE GLUE! If you think your eyes may be overly sensitive, I always recommend a patch test on the lashes and I put about 5-15 eyelash extensions per eye (this is a maybe a 15 minute appointment) to make sure there is no reaction. Some salons will do a patch test on a clients wrist with adhesive. But I found the eye patch test was more beneficial, because your eye area is much more sensitive than our wrist. Typically if you do not have a reaction within the first 24 hours you should be good to go for full set! BUTTTTTTTT some clients do grow sensitivities over time (mine took a good 5 years to develop.)

WEARING GLASSES OR CONTACTS: Wearing glasses may limit the length of eyelash extensions, due to your eyelashes scraping against your glasses.  Also, if you do wear contacts and you are someone with sensitive eyes, removing your lenses before your appointment might be a good idea.

LIFESTYLE:  Plays a huge factor in eyelash extensions. Are you extremely active? Do you do hot yoga? Do you sit in a hot sauna? Do you sleep on your face? Do you pick at your lashes? These are all factors that will effect the longevity of your lashes and it is important to be honest with your lash artist about your lifestyle!!


ENJOY! Your able to lay down and relax for a couple hours! A typical full set will take one hour and half to three hours depending on the level of fullness! During appointments, I love getting to know each one of my clients, they literally become my family! But don’t hesitate to bring some headphones, just incase you or your lash artist are quite ones


No getting them wet for at 24 hours! This means NO CRYING, your eyelash extensions are beautiful so you have NOTHING TO CRY ABOUT

Also avoid showering, getting sweaty at the gym and saunas!!

Make sure all your products are oil free- because OIL BASE PRODUCTS BREAKS DOWN THE ADHESIVE!

Don’t wear waterproof mascara this is a lash artists WORST NIGHTMARE, because remember clean lashes are happy lashes!!!

Don’t touch your lashes (your fingers have oils on them and oil does what?!? BREAKS DOWN THE ADHESIVE!! Use the mascara brush your lash artist gave you to brush them daily and make sure they do not get flipped around. I recommend brushing first thing in the morning after you wake up

LESS IS MORE, the less eye makeup you wear the longer your lashes will stay!!

Remember your beautiful without lashes, so if one falls out don’t freak out, you’re going to pull through



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